frequently asked questions (faq)
Obtain answers to commonly asked questions.

Where can I find the game rules?

The official game rules for all variations are on the website under the rules section.

Where can I find the terms of service?

The terms of service are on the website:

My desktop icon is missing, how to I get it back?

1. Click on Start | Control Panel
2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs (XP) OR Programs and Features (VISTA,7)
3. Select whistportal
4. Click Uninstall
5. Repeat until all instances of whistportal are removed
6. From your browser, go to:
7. Click the 'launch whistportal' link

My country flag is incorrect, how do I correct this?

1. Click on Start | Control Panel
2. Double-click Regional and Language Options
3. Select the Location tab
4. Modify your Current Location
5. Click OK

I am running a mac and cannot launch whistportal?

For some mac users the latest java virtual machine is not installed and does not automatically install during the first launch of whistportal. I recommend visiting and click on the "Do I Have Java?' link to determine what java version you currently have installed and to upgrade your java version. You need at least 1.6 (Version 6) to launch whistportal.